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Selling Local Services Using LinkedIn

Two articles we discovered in our daily reading provide wonderful insights for small and local businesses to utilize LinkedIn to boost sales and market your business to your target audiences. These techniques are especially relevant now, when more than 75 per cent of business decision-makers are working from home, and 100 per cent of local businesses must sell locally! Businesses have not stopped trying to function, and local companies, especially, must maintain and build local connections and referrals to prosper.

New Customer Prospecting Using LinkedIn

The first, 7 Ways to Prospect for New Customers With LinkedIn from Social Media Examiner, covers tips to nurture your connections and build your network with messages and InMail, as well as utilizing LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator for highly effective sales targeting. We’ve used these techniques successfully for our marketing partners’ social outreach campaigns and anecdotally are seeing our lead interactions nearly triple with a few hours’ time spent on LinkedIn outreach. Read the full article:

Improve Your Local Marketing with LinkedIn

The second article, from Local Marketing Institute, shares these 10 Steps to Better Local LinkedIn Marketing. It’s a somewhat older article, but the points still apply:

Here are 10 things you can do to improve your local sales and marketing with LinkedIn:

  1. Make sure that your profile is geographically correct.
  2. Make sure that you add all the geographies you target in LinkedIn
  3. Create imagery that focuses on your target geography
  4. Upload media interesting to your geographic target market
  5. Search and segment your local connections
  6. Search and segment local prospects
  7. Continue to grow your network by inviting locals to connect
  8. Join local groups on LinkedIn
  9. Keep in touch with the locals
  10. Share geographically-based content, interesting to your local market

Read the complete article:

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