Local SEO Will Guide Your Business Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

A strong website and solid web presence is critical for local businesses, and the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased the need for consistent, best-practice based search engine optimization (SEO) and citations on third-party websites. Local businesses can’t rely on foot or road traffic to generate customers, but Internet usage is at an all-time high, and businesses that stand out now will be poised to serve customers when the crisis passes.

For local businesses and small companies, staying connected to the community is crucial during the pandemic. Without a strong local online presence, your audience may find your competitors first in their “near me” searches on Google and social networks. SEO marketing is one of the strongest tool sets available to businesses for managing awareness, creating leads, and communicating to customers.

Four Ways Local SEO Will See Your Small Business Through the Covid-19 Crisis

Finding Your Business in “Near Me” Searches

Some businesses might have been able to get by without a strong online presence before Covid-19, but the urgency of local, reliable response has increased the focus on local search results for services and products. This means getting found in “near me” searches for terms critical to your business. Consumers increasingly use Google to find what is closest and most convenient, and local SEO will help you stay relevant to your customer and help you find new customers along the way.

Increasing Awareness of Your Company

Local business owners are making huge impacts during the Covid-19 pandemic. They’re providing necessities while keeping our local communities healthy and supplied. If these businesses don’t stay top-of-mind, they will be replaced by businesses who can serve their clients quickly and directly. Local SEO efforts ensure that your brand is in front of the customer as much as possible for the searches that are relevant to WHAT YOU DO and WHERE YOU DO IT.

Keeping Your Local Customers Loyal

Your audience is more likely to continue frequenting your business if they know how to buy your products or services during the pandemic. SEO makes it easier for your customers to stay informed on how to support you. Restaurants and retailers are great examples: Customers want to know if restaurants are providing takeout, delivery, or both, and how the ordering process works. Likewise, retail shoppers want to continue buying from their local stores, but they need to know if they can order online, if delivery is available, and if they can do curbside pickup.

Your loyal customer will want to know how they can support you, conveniently, while they’re at home. The more details they can learn online about how to support you, the more likely they are to continue to do business with from you.

Improving Your Overall Web Presence

A comprehensive SEO strategy include keyword research, backlinking, content marketing, an accurate and up-to-date Google My Business page, and technical elements like page speed and mobile responsive design that improve your overall online presence and send signals to search engines that your business is both current and valid. SEO marketing helps local customers find your products and services when they need them most. The Covid-19 crisis has presented businesses with many new challenges, including online marketing and website traffic, but businesses that follow search engine best practices and don’t give up on the power of Internet search to generate new and repeat customers

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