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Discover Hinesburg Is Open for Business! has re-launched! All local businesses are eligible for a FREE listing. And paying members get featured display ads, mentions in blog posts and local tourism itineraries, and more.

If you’re a business in Hinesburg, St. George, Huntington, Monkton, Starksboro, or Charlotte, or you live locally and own a nearby business, you may already have a listing published, If not, we’ll create one for you.

As you know, digital marketing is dominating how people find products and services — 80% of all purchasers research a product, service, or trip online before they make contact with a business. You MUST get your website found based on WHAT YOU DO and WHERE YOU DO IT. And if you’re in Hinesburg or our neighbor towns, you’re at a disadvantage to businesses in some other nearby locales.

Premium business advertising packages are $150/year — our starting first-year price for 2020.

Benefits include:
– Powerful backlinking from a local business directory to get you ranked higher in Google search.
– “Near me”, “near Hinesburg” and “in Hinesburg” web search effectiveness.
– Local “citations” — which are critical to local search engine marketing.
– Mentions in blog posts, Visit Hinesburg itineraries, and unlimited ability to publish your own blog posts.

All businesses are eligible for:
– Quarterly local business meetups — network with other local businesses.
– Free web marketing seminars and workshops.
– Discount web design and marketing services through our media partner, Answer Media.

Get in on the ground floor of this cutting-edge local business marketing resource today!

Visit and browse the business listings, or submit your business through the form. Or email us directly at or call (802)498-7477.